As a part of the Saison Africa 2020 in Paris, acclaimed artist El Anatsui was commissioned to produce an art piece for the opening event at Le Conciergerie. CALIPER worked on the project alongside Factum Arte and The October Gallery (Anatsui’s Representation) to produce a kinetic installation which utilised projection mapping technology onto parachute silk. The final result; a spatial augmented reality resembling the river Seine, comprising of two 26 metre rivers that ebb and flow between the central pillars of the Salle des Gens d’Armes.

CALIPER developed a stainless steel structure and electronic system to control 480 silent fans, pulling and pushing the flow of air to create a rippling and flowing water effect. Four arches along each river house eight high resolution projectors, streaming video captured by the Factum Arte team of the river Seine. This is the largest installation completed to date, fabricated in Madrid over a four month period and then shipped to Paris for installation. The exhibition will be open until 14 November 2021.


Factum Arte
Adam Lowe, Salomé Prada, Enrique Esteban, Oscar Parasiego, René Servisi, Natalia Pérez Buesa, Matt Marshall, Ivan Allende.


Quinner Baird, Carlos Sanjuan


Tom Llelouche